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Robert Graves

The great LDS scholar Hugh Nibley once complained that scholars treat such narrow areas of expertise that the big picture never comes into focus. He did mention, however, a few “men of genius like G. Santillana, Cyrus Gordon, or Robert Graves,” who have made some effort in “taking up the whole lot [of ancient texts] […]

The Deseret Alphabet

The Deseret Alphabet is one of the really interesting innovations to come out of the early years of the Utah settlement. Brigham Young was confronted with the problem of a multitude of immigrants flowing in to Utah without being able to speak English. Young was very familiar with the difficulties presented by English grammar and […]

Father’s Day Fountain Pens

Fountain pens make the best Father’s Day gifts for many reasons. Let us count the ways: First of all, they look nice. This is indisputable, and the variety of styles and colors and sizes make it easy to find a pen for any taste. One can choose between nib (the metal tip of a fountain […]

The Washington Women’s Cookbook

This 1909 cookbook, recently acquired by Pioneer Book, is not what you might expect in a compilation of recipes. The pennants on the cover proclaim its twin causes: “Votes for Women” and “Good Things to Eat.” The Washington Women’s Cookbook is a charming example of a suffrage cookbook, a genre popularly produced by turn-of-the-century suffragists […]

Can you guess of whom we are writing?

He was born in 1881 and started writing in 1886 (he said he wasn’t sure what he did before that; “probably loafed” was his guess.)  Along with Jerome Kern and Guy Bolton he invented the Broadway musical, or at least set the stage for it.  He wrote 96 books and hundreds of short stories.  When […]

A Writer Who Really Writes!

Neil Gaiman on how he started using fountain pens. “It started in 1994 when I wrote the novel Stardust – in my head I wanted it to be written in the same way as it would have been in the 1920s, so I bought a big notepad and Waterman pen. “It was the first time […]

713 Years of Hell

713 years ago to this very day Dante descended into Hell. In view of this memorable anniversary it seems appropriate to put down a few words concerning Dante with the hope that they might encourage someone who hasn’t read him yet to do so. Dante is universally recognized as one of the world’s great poets, […]

Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: A Lecture and Signing with Author Brian C. Hales

  Years in the making, Brian C. Hales’ magisterial three-volume work, Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, has finally arrived! Providing exhaustive documentation and crucial contextualization, this landmark, multi-volume work is destined to be the paramount reference on the subject for years to come. Pioneer Book is pleased to be hosting Brian C. Hales’ official Utah County release […]