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713 Years of Hell

713 years ago to this very day Dante descended into Hell. In view of this memorable anniversary it seems appropriate to put down a few words concerning Dante with the hope that they might encourage someone who hasn’t read him yet to do so. Dante is universally recognized as one of the world’s great poets, […]

Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: A Lecture and Signing with Author Brian C. Hales

  Years in the making, Brian C. Hales’ magisterial three-volume work, Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, has finally arrived! Providing exhaustive documentation and crucial contextualization, this landmark, multi-volume work is destined to be the paramount reference on the subject for years to come. Pioneer Book is pleased to be hosting Brian C. Hales’ official Utah County release […]

LDS Books – Thoughts of a Mormon Bookseller: Parley P. Pratt’s 1837 “A Voice of Warning”

By: Ryan T. Roos Deemed by historian Peter Crawley to be “the most important of all non-canonical Mormon books,” the 1837 publication A Voice of Warning represents an historical landmark in its bringing together for the first time under the covers of a book the scriptural arguments for the Biblical validity of the Mormon movement; […]

Dunciad Variorum,The Works of Alexander Pope, 1736. First Edition.

famous literary romances

Books are the source of the most epic romances of all time. From Romeo and Juliet, to Jane and Mr. Rochester, to Bella and Edward, these stories have inspired us for centuries One of my personal favorite romance authors, Jane Austen, writes about love overcoming odds from classicism to strong personalities to meddling mothers. And […]

minimalist posters for children’s books

Abe Books’ Reading Copy Books Blog recently posted this delightful visual treat – minimalist posters of beloved children’s books! To see the full set, click here: Which one is your favorite? Mine are Little Red Riding Hood and The Princess and the Pea.

Book as Art

With the onslaught of e-books, book lovers have been expressing concern about the possibility of books disappearing completely. But will the printed word ever really just go away? Even if people aren’t reading them, they’re still collecting them to create impressive leatherbound collections like this one: Or whimsical, colorful collections like this one: The blog […]


In honor of poets everywhere, we will be celebrating with a month-long sale — 20% off all poetry the entire month of April! Here are some other ways to celebrate the rhyming, rhythmic word: Poems for Your Pocket Day, April 26, is sponsored by “The idea is simple: select a poem you love during […]