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David J. Larsen on Celestial Ascent in the Old Testament, Provo City Center Temple Open House Lecture Series

As part of our Provo City Center Temple Open House Lecture Series, David J. Larsen will be presenting on Temple Themes in the Psalms and the Book of Mormon. As a teaser, here is a post excerpted from his paper, The Order of the House of God: Ancient Practices and Modern Experiences. (Shared with permission.) …The idea of priests […]

Dictionary Johnson

Samuel Johnson, part 2. The Dictionary Years When last we left our hero, he was struggling in the obscurity of Grubstreet among a multitude of hack writers, poets and other impoverished writers, trying to keep body and soul together by cranking out articles, reviews, biographies or anything else that the publishers asked for. But if […]

The Deseret Alphabet

The Deseret Alphabet is one of the really interesting innovations to come out of the early years of the Utah settlement. Brigham Young was confronted with the problem of a multitude of immigrants flowing in to Utah without being able to speak English. Young was very familiar with the difficulties presented by English grammar and […]

Father’s Day Fountain Pens

Fountain pens make the best Father’s Day gifts for many reasons. Let us count the ways: First of all, they look nice. This is indisputable, and the variety of styles and colors and sizes make it easy to find a pen for any taste. One can choose between nib (the metal tip of a fountain […]

The Washington Women’s Cookbook

This 1909 cookbook, recently acquired by Pioneer Book, is not what you might expect in a compilation of recipes. The pennants on the cover proclaim its twin causes: “Votes for Women” and “Good Things to Eat.” The Washington Women’s Cookbook is a charming example of a suffrage cookbook, a genre popularly produced by turn-of-the-century suffragists […]

Can you guess of whom we are writing?

He was born in 1881 and started writing in 1886 (he said he wasn’t sure what he did before that; “probably loafed” was his guess.)  Along with Jerome Kern and Guy Bolton he invented the Broadway musical, or at least set the stage for it.  He wrote 96 books and hundreds of short stories.  When […]

A Writer Who Really Writes!

Neil Gaiman on how he started using fountain pens. “It started in 1994 when I wrote the novel Stardust – in my head I wanted it to be written in the same way as it would have been in the 1920s, so I bought a big notepad and Waterman pen. “It was the first time […]