About Us

Store Manager: Travis Patten

A Utah County native, Travis J. Patten has long been involved in the local fine book and trade community. Travis is fascinated by language, Neoplatonic thought and Medieval theology–Dante in particular. Travis’s book collecting passions revolve around the works of Samuel Johnson, Alexander Pope, Edward Gibbon and Robert Graves.

General Manager: Scott Glenn

Aimee Boshard

Barbie Heftel

Barbie Heftel is a wife, mother, amateur cook, freelance writer, and failed English major. She loves working at Pioneer Book because it simultaneously pays her rent and fills her nearly pathological need to be surrounded by books. She is currently completing her very last college class and trying to remember how to read with the assistance of Terry Pratchett, Willa Cather, H. Rider Haggard, Victor Hugo, and Dante
She plans to get a cat in 50 years.

Holly Huff

Holly Huff, from State College, Pennsylvania, is currently a fifth-year senior at BYU. She will finally graduate this summer in sociology, with minors in women’s studies and art history. She enjoys hiking in southern Utah, choral singing, and brunch. Her favorite book is Anna Karenina. She isn’t quite as morbid as her employee picks shelf makes her out to be, but it’s a close thing.

Ethan Unklesbay

From Cincinnati, Ohio, Ethan Unklesbay came to Utah to study Spanish Pedagogy at BYU. There, he developed a fascination for science-fiction and classical literature, especially from Spain and Spanish America. He enjoys music and poetry, as well as discussions on multiverse theory and the theoretical implications of time travel. He reads almost any genre of literature, from H. G. Wells to Anton Chekhov. When he’s not working or reading, Ethan has a few woodworking projects to keep him busy.