A Writer Who Really Writes!

Neil Gaiman on how he started using fountain pens.

“It started in 1994 when I wrote the novel Stardust – in my head I wanted it to be written in the same way as it would have been in the 1920s, so I bought a big notepad and Waterman pen.

“It was the first time I’d used a fountain pen since I was about 13. I found myself enjoying writing more slowly and liked the way I had to think through sentences differently. I discovered I loved the fact that handwriting forces you to do a second draft, rather than just tidying up and deleting bits on a computer. I also discovered I enjoy the tactile buzz of the ritual involved in filling the pens with ink.

“Now when I write novels I have two fountain pens on the go, with two different colour inks. One is always my favourite, but I alternate between the two, so I can see what I have written each day. I also love the way people react when I sign books with fountain pens. I try to sign them in different colours such as brown, green or grey as it is really nice to show that it’s obviously been done by a human being.

Fountain pen writing

“I don’t have any time for incredibly fancy pens and use a different ‘lead’ pen for each novel. Right now I am using a Twsbi, which is an incredibly robust but smooth writing pen from Taiwan. My current favourite is a Visconti because it has a magnet in the lid which goes clunk when I put the top on – I am easily satisfied. I probably have between 40 and 60 fountain pens, which is a bit silly, but once people are aware that you like them, they like to give them as gifts.”
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And here he is on ink:

“Find a colour you like, and an ink you like. Try a few out. Parker’s Quink is an old dependable. Private Reserve have some lovely colours (I like their Black Cherry and their Copper Burst).” (Read more on Gaiman’s blog)

We were happy to see his recommendations because we carry Private Reserve and love Black Cherry and Copper Burst also!