Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: A Lecture and Signing with Author Brian C. Hales


Years in the making, Brian C. Hales’ magisterial three-volume work, Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, has finally arrived! Providing exhaustive documentation and crucial contextualization, this landmark, multi-volume work is destined to be the paramount reference on the subject for years to come. Pioneer Book is pleased to be hosting Brian C. Hales’ official Utah County release party on March 9th, at 7pm. This exciting event will feature a book signing by Hales, a fascinating lecture by the author on his remarkable study, and a lengthy Q&A session to conclude the evening. Please come and join us at 7pm on March 9th as we enjoy spending an evening with Brian C. Hales.

Volumes 1 & 2: History $36.95 Each
Volume 3: Theology $26.95
Set Purchase Discount: $89.95

From the Publisher:

“Few American religious figures have stirred more passion among adherents and antagonists than Joseph Smith.  Born in 1805 and silenced thirty-nine years later by assassins’ bullets, he dictated more than one-hundred revelations, published books of new scripture, built a temple, organized several new cities, and became the proclaimed prophet to tens of thousands during his abbreviated life.

Among his many novel teachings and practices, none is more controversial than plural marriage, a restoration of the Old Testament practice that he accepted as part of his divinely appointed mission. Joseph Smith taught his polygamy doctrines only in secret and dictated a revelation in July 1843 authorizing its practice (now LDS D&C 132) that was never published during his lifetime. Although rumors and exposés multiplied, it was not until 1852 that Mormons in Brigham Young’s Utah took a public stand. By then, thousands of Mormons were engaged in the practice that was seen as essential to salvation.

Telling the story of Joseph Smith’s polygamy from the records of those who knew him best, augmented by those who observed him from a distance, may have produced the most useful view of all.”

“Brian Hales wants to face up to every question, every problem, every fear about plural marriage. His answers may not satisfy everyone, but he gives readers the relevant sources where answers, if they exist, are to be found. There has never been a more thorough examination of the polygamy idea.” –Richard L. Bushman, author of Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling

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