famous literary romances

Books are the source of the most epic romances of all time. From Romeo and Juliet, to Jane and Mr. Rochester, to Bella and Edward, these stories have inspired us for centuries

One of my personal favorite romance authors, Jane Austen, writes about love overcoming odds from classicism to strong personalities to meddling mothers. And although Pride and Prejudice is probably the most beloved, due in large part to Colin Firth, my personal favorite is Emma.

Emma and Mr. Knightley are already sort of related – through the marriage of her sister and his brother – so they have an easy and comfortable relationship. He accepts her silliness and vanity, she accepts his self-righteousness while he tells her to become a better person. And then in the crucial moment, when he realizes he might lose her, he tells her how wonderful he thinks she is. The love in their relationship comes from a very real place where they care about each other as they are in the present, but not without expecting each other to improve for themselves and for each other. It’s a beautiful story of respect and communication that can be applied even now to any relationship!

Who are your favorite literary romantic heroes/heroines?