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Dunciad Variorum,The Works of Alexander Pope, 1736. First Edition.

famous literary romances

Books are the source of the most epic romances of all time. From Romeo and Juliet, to Jane and Mr. Rochester, to Bella and Edward, these stories have inspired us for centuries One of my personal favorite romance authors, Jane Austen, writes about love overcoming odds from classicism to strong personalities to meddling mothers. And […]

minimalist posters for children’s books

Abe Books’ Reading Copy Books Blog recently posted this delightful visual treat – minimalist posters of beloved children’s books! To see the full set, click here: Which one is your favorite? Mine are Little Red Riding Hood and The Princess and the Pea.

Book as Art

With the onslaught of e-books, book lovers have been expressing concern about the possibility of books disappearing completely. But will the printed word ever really just go away? Even if people aren’t reading them, they’re still collecting them to create impressive leatherbound collections like this one: Or whimsical, colorful collections like this one: The blog […]


In honor of poets everywhere, we will be celebrating with a month-long sale — 20% off all poetry the entire month of April! Here are some other ways to celebrate the rhyming, rhythmic word: Poems for Your Pocket Day, April 26, is sponsored by “The idea is simple: select a poem you love during […]

The Store Misses You!

Have you been in to see us lately? In re-organizing our vast collection, we’ve made certain sections especially browse-worthy thanks to the help of our trusty employees! As a reward for their hard work, we gave them each a shelf of their own.  Our Young Adult section is burgeoning with Rowling, Westerfield, Snicket and Clare. […]

Avraham Gileadi Book Signing

photo courtesy of Wikipedia A religious scholar who has thoroughly explored the teachings of the Old Testament, Avraham Gileadi will be at Pioneer Book on Saturday, May 12 at 2:00 to sign copies of his books. Born in the Netherlands, Gileadi moved to New Zealand after WWII, and then to Israel, where he conducted in-depth […]

Happy Birthday Boz!

Happy Birthday Boz!

This week was the 200th anniversary of Charles Dicken’s birth. We here at Pioneer Book have been celebrating by throwing around quotes (as though we frequently memorize large passages of Dickens), discussing our favorites and .. I? Well  I got to re-live my visit to Bloomsbury, where we found the house that Dickens lived in […]